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Nutrition, Exercise, Positive Mindset and Behavior

Henk-Jan Koershuis

Henk-Jan Koershuis is a nutritionist, inspirer and best-selling author and one of the most energetic speakers in the field of nutrition and exercise.

Keynote Speaker,Motivative Speaker,Workshop / Masterclass
Keynote Speaker,Motivative Speaker,Workshop / Masterclass,

Specialist Subjects

1. The Trial for Life: iIn 90 days, increase the 90% chance of reaching the age of 90

After his Bestseller which sold more than 40,000 copies, Henk-Jan is launching its successor: The Taste. As he himself says, this is his Ultimate program. During this Masterclass he will take you through 4 pillars that make the difference on your way to a healthy energetic lifestyle.

These 4 pillars are Nutrition, Exercise, Positive Mindset and Behavior. In his first pillar, he talks about Nutrition. The role of nutrition has totally changed in the last 50 years. The changing supply of food has led to not only overeating. We have also begun to look at food differently. But is this changing view of food still so healthy?

Henk-Jan believes that the current way of eating has nothing to do with health. What the average person considers normal is far removed from a healthy diet. It has led to the great epidemic of obesity and high blood sugar levels. In speed and with effective examples, you will gain innovative insights about nutrition. Also covered is the role of exercise when it comes to our health and vitality within organizations.

In the other two pillars about Behavior and Positive Mindset, Henk-Jan goes deeper into the effective way to adopt a healthy lifestyle. What are valuable lessons when it comes to behavioral change? Knowing something and not acting on it is worthless, according to Henk-Jan. In the end it comes down to that crucial link within your company: you have to do it. Combining the right behavior with a positive mindset makes The Test complete. His Ultimate program The Test is his big showcase and has proven to be effective. Full of humor, of course.

2. A Golden Message that lands

Reaching your team and people. That is what it is all about. Henk-Jan believes that if you really want to move people towards a healthier lifestyle, a Golden Message is indispensable. Without being pedantic. Just energetic and inspiring. Full of humor.

52% of people are overweight. Many people struggle with this challenge and want to lose weight or live healthier. They often lack the right tools and support. An even larger percentage of people experience lack of energy or use medication unnecessarily on a daily basis. In this Master Class Henk-Jan shares effective lessons and tools in an energetic and striking way. His golden message arrives. The message sticks and after the Masterclass you as an organization and as a person will immediately want to start with a healthier lifestyle.

The Masterclass touches and also encourages long-term action. With healthy energy as a result. As an organization it is possible to offer the book as a Bestseller to the colleagues, so the Golden Message sticks around for a long time.

3. Winning by losing

It’s time to lose in this Masterclass! It’s always about winning, winning and winning again. This time it is all about … losing! Many people’s New Year’s resolutions are: more energy or less weight. Barely a week into January, most people have already lost those resolutions. It is time to lose once and for all. Losing unhealthy eating patterns and exercise patterns.

But losing is not something you do alone. Your environment is one of the factors that plays a crucial role in achieving a stronger, more vital organization. A stronger, fitter and powerful person. Someone who goes through life full of energy. In many cases this requires a radically different approach. But with a proven effective strategy.

No academic tables, but a 20-year proven successful approach, which has not only been followed by tens of thousands of people. But most of all it has given them lifelong energy. You can do this too! Valuable lessons that he shares in his book, but also from the podium.

4. For everyone who loves this life

“Life is a big adventure and the world is our playing field.” Henk-Jan lives adventure. As soon as he steps on stage you immediately feel his energy. Someone is coming in. Not everyone experiences enough energy in life every day. The way you live has a big impact on how you feel every day. Experiencing a lack of energy is unnecessary This is the conviction of Henk-Jan. The choices you make each day in your diet have a major impact on your health in the long term and especially on the energy in the short term: how you feel each day.

Taking on the adventure of life really comes into its own when you make certain food choices or not. How do you achieve this? How do you shine with energy every day, without being a freak and denying yourself everything?

In this Masterclass Henk-Jan takes you through the 4 most common mistakes when it comes to our diet. He shares his positive mindset so you can go home with a concrete action plan that will truly help you.

5. Vitality always wins

Vitality seems like an umbrella term. And that is exactly what it is! The big challenge is: how do you find that common denominator as an organization and still leave enough room for customization and personal preferences of the individual. One thing is certain: vitality only really wins through when it becomes fun and catches on. An organization where employees also believe it’s cool to be vital. Not a dull subject that is patronizing. Nor is it pedantic.

Vitality is the new gold for a powerful organization. Which Henk-Jan describes in his book, among other things. This requires a speaker who is embraced by the people. A speaker who gets the team moving in the areas of nutrition, exercise and …. Behavior. The day after, the Master class is the talk of the day. The months after, the Master class is embraced by the people in the organization. An effective approach for your organisation to embrace vitality in an energetic and very energetic way. Yes….. by your entire team.


Masterclass Henk-Jan Koershuis

Masterclass Henk-Jan Koershuis

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