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Expert in Social Media and communication though media and smarter working

Guy Clapperton

Guy Clapperton is a speaker, author and journalist who has added value to conferences in 12 countries spanning two continents. He focuses on social media, communication through the media and smarter...

Coaching,Conference,Keynote Speaker,Workshop,Workshop / Masterclass

Specialist Subjects

1. Smarter working, better communications – forget the technology, it’s an HR issue. How and why you need to change your company culture.
2. Hacked about – how do you get your company name and profile into the press, and how do you make this worthwhile?
3. Social media best practice – who’s done what that’s gone well, and who’s done badly
4. Should your brand be on social media? There’s a good chance it is already – here’s how you take part in the conversation

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