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Brand Humanizer | Futurist | Winner Anti-Discrimination in AI Hackathon 2020

Ferry Hoes

Ferry Hoes is a visionary speaker who is pioneering the Brand Humanizing way of working to transform technology into a force for organizational growth in the most human-centric way possible. Step into a world where technology meets humanity, and learn how you can thrive in the age of automation.

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Keynote Speaker,Panel,Webinar,Workshop,

Specialist Subjects

1. Change and Innovation

Ferry leads the charge in future-proofing organizations with his pioneering ‘Brand Humanizing’ way of working, blending cutting-edge technology with essential human values to foster environments where innovation thrives amidst rapid market changes.

This approach involves seeking a perfect synergy between technology and human interaction, helping organizations to grow and better withstand market changes and increasing competition. The idea is that technology can be used to work more humanely and to grow in the long term. Ferry views change and innovation as a synergistic process where technology and human factors must be balanced. Therefore, innovation is driven not only by technological advancements but also by the need to work and communicate more humanely.

2. Brand Humanizing

Originated by Ferry Hoes and co-founder Jonathan Flores in 2018, ‘Brand Humanizing’ is a transformative strategy that maximizes human and technological synergy, offering organizations a sustainable competitive advantage and setting a new standard for industry leadership in the digital age.

This approach, now more relevant than ever due to the increasing use of AI, emphasizes creating synergy between humans and technology, with a focus on long-term growth over short-term gains. It encompasses four key skills: (1) programming, automation and AI, (2) creativity and organizational awareness, (3) human sciences and research, and (4) emotional intelligence and ethics. The ultimate goal is to promote more human-centricity, innovation, and ethical busines practicess, while enabling them to thrive amidst rapid technological changes.

3. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

As a recognized leader in AI innovation, Ferry explores the profound impact of automation and AI on organizational dynamics and employee engagement, illustrating how ethical AI implementations can drive human centric business success. This indicates a holistic approach to AI, where the technology is seen as a tool for organizations to work in a human-centric way, while also considering the potential impact on customers and employees.

4. Human-Centric/Human-Centered Working

At the heart of ‘Brand Humanizing’ lies Ferry’s commitment to human centric working—prioritizing humans in the age of machines to enhance organizational adaptability, employee satisfaction, and overall organizational health.

This means that organizations are pushed to embrace technology with the aim of working more humanly. The idea is to find synergy between technological advancement and human interaction, which not only contributes to the growth of organizations but also better enables them to adapt to unexpected changes and increasing competition. Ferry strongly believes in placing people at the center of both technological- and organizational developments.

5. A New Perspective on the Future

Ferry Hoes delivers a visionary outlook on the evolving landscape of business and technology, guiding leaders to not just anticipate but also shape the future of their industries. With a keen focus on integrating groundbreaking technologies such as AI, Web3, and automation, Ferry challenges conventional thinking and encourages organizations to rethink their strategies for a digitized world.

His approach goes beyond adaptation, advocating for a proactive transformation that aligns technological advancements with core human values. This not only prepares organizations for upcoming changes, but also positions them as pioneers in creating sustainable, innovative, and human-centered business models. Ferry’s insights are crucial for leaders aiming to leverage the fast-paced changes in technology to secure a competitive advantage, while ensuring that their growth is inclusive, ethical, and truly future-ready.



Working with Ferry was inspirational, challenging and fun and I would recommend it to anyone.

"As a workshop host Ferry has a great ability to create a welcoming and inclusive environment making sure that all participants feel engaged. The online session was interactive, provided a lot of ...

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