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Farid Tabarki

Farid Tabarki is the founding director of Studio Zeitgeist and a sought-after keynote speaker, debate moderator and event host. He has been researching the (European) zeitgeist since 2000 on topics such as radical decentralisation, radical transparency and the liquid society. As a keynote speaker, ...

Consultancy,Facilitator,Keynote Speaker,Moderator,Presenter
Consultancy,Facilitator,Keynote Speaker,Moderator,Presenter,

Specialist Subjects

1.   Radical decentralization
2.   Radical transparency
3.   (Social) media
4.   Europe
5.   Youth
6.   Flexible working
7.   Financial services
8.   Energy (production)
9.   Travel industry
10.   Education
11.   Open data
12.   Privacy
13.   Food (production)
14.   3D printing
15.   Health (care)
16.   Marketing / PR
17.   New ways of working



Geert Cami

"Farid is an innovative and inspiring speaker and excellent in moderating intricate panel discussions on an interactive and clear way."

Geert Cami from co-founder of Friends of Europe and organiser of the annual State of Europe
Nancy Kabalt

“Farid marks the spot by the themes he presents. Although these themes are familiar to commercial people, he looks one step further giving you a pause for thought. You are being a kind of drawn ...

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Nancy Kabalt from Director ?Klant & Markt? - Customer & Market ? at Liander
Trendwatcher of the Year Jaar 2012-2013 jury report

"Farid impresses, with his mix of clients and his broad international orientation. He stands for quality and transparency and despite the serious content, he manages to present that on a smooth and ...

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Trendwatcher of the Year Jaar 2012-2013 jury report

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