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Founder and CEO "Sherpa S Pro"

Dr. Evgeniya Shamis

Founder and CEO "Sherpa S Pro" (till 2013 "Personnel Touch")Board of Directors "BioTechAccess" (both Moscow, RUSSIA)Founder and coordinator of the project RuGenerations – "Generation Theory in...

Keynote Speaker,Masterclass,Motivational Speaker,Workshop,Workshop / Masterclass

Specialist Subjects

1.  Cross-generational interaction in the World and Russia
2.  Success in Russia: get to know generations and make successful business with all of them
3.  The way to win in management war of generations (Not to be a looser in management war of generations)
4.  Generation X: from riddles to actions and victories
5.  Generation Y enters the arena and wins
6.  Be ready for Generation Z: glance into the future
7.  How Baby-Boomers change the world markets and attitudes
8.  Generations and secrets of successful interaction
9.  The way generations influence strategic decisions
10.  "Learning and developement +": What to teach different generations and how + Generations as teachers: What others can learn from different generations
11.  Generations and me: my own generational values or why do I act this way
12.  Development of sustainable and globally competitive clusters
13.  How to win globally: clusters or can you create your local Silicon Valley
14.  Clusters: what we don’t understand but what we must know
15.  Culture of collaboration and openness
16.  Clusters and non-customary "soft measures": "no money" for them, but no success without them
17.  Clusters: what’s the price of mistakes and acts to prevent them
18.  Building good Board of Advisors and participating in it
19.  Action plan for cluster: what to start with?
20.  Cluster - the place to win
21.  Yes to "management team" of cluster. No to "management company"
22.  Cluster: being good neighbour
23.  The best place for life is where we live now: improving life quality
24.  Leader and development
25.  Your "world picture": what other people understand about you
26.  Psycholinguistics in simple words for manager: do all people understand who you are and what you want
27.  Real leadership: are you sure you know how to be a partner?
28.  Leader's hygiene: how do you look after it?

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