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Ariane van Mancius

Expert in food, beverage, hospitality and packaging

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1. The future of food & packaging

We waste too much and pollute too much. Almost everyone agrees on that. Climate change, food waste, the plastic soup, are forcing us to change our lifestyle. Governments worldwide are introducing stricter environmental requirements that citizens and companies must meet. Consumers are also increasingly consciously choosing sustainable products or packaging. Companies with a clear vision of sustainability and their role in it can count on a lot of sympathy.
Millennials and Generation Z, also known as the eco-conscious generations, are leading the way in this regard. No wonder: it is primarily their future that is at stake.

So what does this mean for Food & Packaging companies? That’s what Ariane from Mancius talks about in her latest presentation. In any case, one thing is clear: you are not going to make it with short-term measures. “RETHINK” forms the essence for solutions and creates new opportunities for the food landscape. Rethinking both product and packaging, waste and sustainability. Not only about visible effects, but also about the hidden impact on the climate. Focusing only on plastic is not the solution: limiting meat consumption creates a much greater impact. These and many more insights are covered in the presentation “The Future in Sustainable Food & Packaging.”

Sustainability also means continuity. The more sustainable your products, your production and your packaging, the better. Not only for our future on this planet, but also for the future of your company. That is why you should not miss this presentation. From her holistic vision, Ariane van Mancius takes you through all aspects of sustainability, environmental impact, packaging and food in a clear and inspiring way. She concludes with an inspiring link to practice and takes a look at the latest trends and innovations. In this she also highlights how you can use sustainability as a marketing tool to respond to the green revolution and the needs of generation next.

After the presentation, you will go home with the following insights:


  • What is the hidden impact?
  • Causes and consequences of environmental impact and climate change
  • Prevention is better than cure: why sustainable investments matter now
  • A clear picture of Single-Use Plastic (SUP) legislation
  • Consumer perspectives on packaging and sustainability
  • Gen next & sustainability
  • Considerations of various materials: bio-based, biodegradable and compostable plastics, cardboard, glass, aluminum etc.
  • Inspiration and sustainable innovations in terms of re-think, re-duce, re-use, re-purpose, re-new, re-cycle
2.   How do millennials eat?
3.   Food & packaging trends
4.   Sustainability as a marketing tool

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