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Anouk Ellen Susan

Anouk Ellen Susan is an expert in the field of (Strategic) Marketing, Self-Marketing and German-Dutch culture.

Chairman,Debate participation,Keynote Speaker,Presenter,Workshop / Masterclass
Chairman,Debate participation,Keynote Speaker,Presenter,Workshop / Masterclass,

Specialist Subjects

1. NICELY different – The neighbors the Netherlands and Germany

Anouk Ellen Susan is Dutch, grew up in Germany, at home in both countries – linguistically, emotionally and mentally. Two hearts beat in her chest. Germany and the Netherlands are important trading partners – so close and yet so different. The cultural differences are big, or in other words: VERY different.

Opportunities are lost through miscommunication and misunderstanding. How do you achieve a successful collaboration in which the full potential is used? How can you adapt your marketing to this? What are the cultural differences and how do you network differently?

Anouk Ellen Susan talks about her 45 years of experience. In addition to interesting figures, data and facts, she talks about experiences and cultural differences on a personal and business level. A keynote not to be missed if you are active in both countries. A presentation that not only paves the way for better cooperation between the two countries, more efficiency in your (market) approach, better networking among each other, but also allows mutual understanding to grow on both sides.

2. NICELY different NETWORKING – For beginners and for more diversity

Parallel crises, digitization and increasing specialization: the economy is changing faster and faster. It is all the more important in these times to have reliable partners, customers and suppliers; a good network can make all the difference for companies. But active networking is not for everyone. How do you get started, how do you get a colorful network – for more diversity – that’s what Anouk Ellen Susan tells in her keynote.

What are the benefits of active networking? How do you talk to strangers? What is the correct setting for network calls? What should you take into account? Is there a network etiquette? What’s the best way to remember names? How does small talk become smart talk? Are you ready for new perspectives? Would you like to know more about how online and offline, typically Dutch and typically German networking is most successful? Are you open to inspiration, and to how men and women, young and old, experienced entrepreneurs and young starters successfully network? Do you want to know how this combination creates new possibilities and what we can learn from each other? The author of 2 network books, Anouk Ellen Susan, elaborates on these questions. She also interviewed 65 network experts for this. Her motto: You can learn the best from the best. New impulses and perspectives on networks. The perfect keynote for anyone who still needs to build their network, wants more diversity in their network or wants to take their own networking skills to the next level. Small talk was yesterday.

Networking is versatile, colorful and can also be VERY different.

3. Visibility and (Self-)Marketing

In the (impulse) keynote and masterclasses, the point is that you are seen in your strength, because no one (re)knows you, no one wants you. Do not focus on your shortcomings, but on your strength and abilities!

It is mainly about leaving traces and achieving relevance and not being everything to everyone, but very special to those you want to reach. Knowing that the power lies in the repetition and you stand out if you are a little – nice and different!

How can you reach even more people? Would you like to work even more result-oriented? Want to impress and be seen? Reaching and enthusing people?

This is about better positioning, self-marketing, setting and achieving goals, recognizing and living out passions, the courage to see new perspectives. This applies to employees in a company, to institutions and to the self-employed. Anouk Ellen Susan shows the appropriate impulses of visibility and self-marketing, but also of happiness and success.

4. UPGRADE yourself! – Your next level

The impulse keynote “UPGRADE yourself! – Your next level” by Anouk Ellen Susan is made for your (female) employees and management members. Do you want to let your employees grow in their strength and take them to a higher level? Your employees need to gain more self-confidence, learn to promote themselves and your company better? Do you want them to present themselves more strongly and make the message even more impressive? And you also want to improve your business? You rely on the power of Mixed Leadership?

The goal is to get everyone ready for the next ‘challenge, change & choices’?! This way you strengthen your employees for the new challenges.

That is what the impulse reading is aimed at. With concrete ‘nuggets’, inspiring storytelling and very practical. Anouk Ellen Susan draws on more than 20 years of experience as a manager. The author of the book “Upgrade yourself – Souverän und selbstbewusst als Frau im Job” has developed her own success model: the Anouk index is about learning, performing, praising and letting go. The index she developed is based on three pillars: self-confidence, self-development and self-marketing. Right: “UPGRADE yourself! – Your next level“.

5. Present to impress - Presenting successfully

Vergaderingen, presentaties, keynotes en pitches maken deel uit van onze dagelijkse werkzaamheden. Met het juiste optreden en een memorabele, indrukwekkende presentatie kan de medewerker zich goed positioneren.

Daarnaast kunnen zij zichzelf, hun idee of project en hun bedrijf opwaarderen. Veel mensen kennen niet de benodigde trucjes om indruk te maken. In haar masterclass “Present to impress” laat Anouk Ellen Susan u kennis maken met alle facetten van een sterke presentatie, die u vervolgens kunt toepassen tijdens presentaties, bij belangrijke vergaderingen en keynotes. Anouk geeft concrete kennis vanuit haar jarenlange ervaring als manager en Certified Professional Speaker. Zij geeft zeer praktische hulpmiddelen en tips die eenvoudig toe te passen zijn. Het succes zal van de medewerker en van uw bedrijf afstralen!

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