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Thinking in terms of opportunities

Annemarie van Gaal

Annemarie van Gaal is an entrepreneur and investor. Her entrepreneurial career began in Russia, where she set up Russia's largest independent publishing house.

Facilitator,Keynote Speaker,Moderator,Motivational Speaker
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Facilitator,Keynote Speaker,Moderator,Motivational Speaker,

Specialist Subjects

1. 'How do you pilot a company through the crisis?'

A crisis like the Corona virus outbreak is a tragedy for many companies: sales plummet while costs continue to rise. Most companies react by pulling out all the stops to limit the damage and get the company through the crisis as best they can so that once the crisis is over, they can pick up where they left off.

This is unfortunate. In fact, a crisis is the ultimate time to seize new opportunities and recalibrate your company so that it has a great future. The companies that make the best decisions now are tomorrow’s winners.

Annemarie van Gaal has survived many a crisis with her companies. Just think of the many crises she experienced in Russia in the 1990s and then in many other countries. She gives insights and tips on how to turn the changing market to your advantage and how to seize opportunities while your competitors are still dealing with the problems. In short, how to profit from this crisis as a company.

2.   Why SMBs are more successful than the big multinationals
3. Financial fitness

Wealth does not make one happy, but a financially healthy life is a prerequisite for becoming happy.

With many concrete examples and advice, Annemarie van Gaal manages to get everyone interested in their money matters in this lecture.

Finally, Annemarie gives her ten most important tips that will help you save or earn thousands of euros per year.

4.   The Dutch business climate
5. Entrepreneurship is about seizing opportunities

There are opportunities everywhere, but the best entrepreneurial opportunities often lie off the beaten path.

By approaching the market differently, organizing your business differently or working with different revenue models, you can turn almost any business into a success.

Annemarie van Gaal explains this using appealing examples and experiences from her own career.

6. Labor Market Opportunities - Talent and Inclusiveness

We look at resumes and still too often select people on things like education and experience or let someone’s appearance lead us. In doing so, we squander talent and exclude vulnerable groups.

Annemarie van Gaal explains how, by selecting on things like “talent” and “commitment,” you get great results.


Annemarie is knowledgeable, asked the right questions, had an excellent role in the jury and put the pitchers at ease.

"We look back on a good meeting. Annemarie van Gaal's contribution was excellent: she is knowledgeable, asked the right questions, had an excellent role in the jury and put the pitchers at ease by ...

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