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Angélique Koopmans

After finishing her history studies at the University of Leiden, Angelique Koopmans, made her career in international business. She worked as a business unit manager and divisional director for a number of mainly technology-oriented companies. She further developed her professional capabilities ...

Keynote Speaker,Motivational Speaker
Keynote Speaker,Motivational Speaker,

Specialist Subjects

1.   How to dress to make a great first impression
2.   Diversity and Inclusion (in the boardroom)
3.   Entrepreneurship


Daryl A. Perkins, Curriculum Director

"It is with great pride and honor that I acknowledge the expertise of Angélique Koopmans as a presenter. I was recently in Amsterdam and the group of training professionals that I worked with ...

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Daryl A. Perkins, Curriculum Director from Dale Carnegie & Associates, Inc.

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