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Inspiring speaker on change, crisis and leadership

André Meiresonne

André Meiresonne has experienced crisis himself, but knows it does not have to be a negative lesson. A crisis offers the ultimate chance to transform. Urgency is called for, because when a crisis presents itself, resistance tends to be omitted. It is a prime opportunity to achieve profound ...

Columnist,Keynote Speaker,Training
Columnist,Keynote Speaker,Training,

Specialist Subjects

1.   Motivation and Inspiration.
2.   Elaboration.
3.   Jobsatisfaction.
4.   Collaboration.
5.   Change Management.
6.   Communication.
7.   Leadership.
8.   Authenticity
9.   Know what you want, do what you can.
10.   Live your own life.
11.   (The usefulness of) Crisis.
12.   Transformation.
13.   (Communication) From the outside in.
14.   Meaning.

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