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Head of luxury watch brand Fromanteel, Marketing and Brand strategist

Alfredo Silva

Alfredo Silva is a creative entrepreneur. Born in Madureira, one of the slums of Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), he is now head of the Dutch luxury watch brand: Fromanteel.Alfredo's life is a colourful rollercoaster in which ambition, curiosity and empathy always have been strong incentives. He believes ...

Keynote Speaker,Presentations
Keynote Speaker,Presentations,


Henk E. van Egmond, President Direct Berth international B.V

What can I say about an external hired marketing guru. Who has guided/pointed us in the right direction, profesionally supported us during the pioneering days of our brand new concept and marketing ...

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Henk E. van Egmond, President Direct Berth international B.V from Direct berth International B.V.
Rik Futs, Co-Founder Powerhive Inc

In all the years I've known (and sometimes worked with) Alfredo he's demonstrated a highly creative, engaging mind, very much in touch with what's going on in the world but always shining a new light ...

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Rik Futs, Co-Founder Powerhive Inc from Powerhive Inc

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