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Ron Keller

Hiring a guest speaker

You are organizing a special meeting, but you wonder how you can give this meeting a unique twist? Booking a guest speaker is the way to turn your meeting into an unforgettable experience. Guest speakers tell very unique, inspiring and motivating stories that will touch your audience from start to finish. You can hire a guest speaker at Speakers Academy. Speakers Academy is your expert partner for booking a guest speaker!

What is a guest speaker?

At sessions, guest speakers tell unique stories about their knowledge or experience within a particular field. Guest speakers are often experts in their respective field. At Speakers Academy, we strongly believe that our guest speakers’ presentations are stories that need to be told. For this reason, the Speakers Academy mission has been “Bringing Knowledge to the world” for many years. But what kind of story is best suited for your event? What should a guest speaker talk about? We challenge you to take a look at the different topics our guest speakers talk about!


Prominent guest speakers

For more than 25 years, Speakers Academy has been working with the most renowned guest speakers on a national and international level. The great advantage of this is that you can always find a lot of information about them because they are so well known. What do you speak about? In which areas do you specialize? Where do your interests lie?

We work with well-known guest speakers, but also offer a stage to up-and-coming talent. We recommend that you carefully think about which guest speaker you believe would be the best fit for your event. Don’t just focus on well-known names, but also consider speakers in the making!

Which guest speaker should I book for my event?

Putting the finger on a guest speaker who is best suited for your event remains a difficult decision. We understand this all too well. That is why Speakers Academy employs the best consultants. Our teams at Speakers Academy have years of experience in booking and/or hiring guest speakers. Are you looking for a guest speaker on the topic of environment? A guest speaker on the topic of sustainability? Or a guest speaker from the field of sports?

The consultants at our speaker agency will be happy to help you! As we work with more than 25,000 speakers worldwide, we are guaranteed to find the perfect guest speaker for your event! Are you curious about how our consultants do it? We encourage you to take a look at how we work and find out how we book a guest speaker!


Speakers Academy is here to help!


Our consultants have known how to match the right motivational speaker to your meeting for over 25 years! We have access to the best speakers worldwide. So challenge us to find that one motivational speaker for your meeting and take your event to the next level! We are happy to talk to you!



Why Speakers Academy?

At Speakers Academy, we are committed to helping organizations arrange meetings with the best speakers and moderators. We are good at arranging suitable and inspiring speakers that fit the occasion of the meeting, the topic and the target audience. We work worldwide and distinguish ourselves by the breadth of our range of expert speakers and the knowledge we have about our speakers. It’s no coincidence that we’ve been a household name in the Netherlands and far beyond our borders for 25 years.

Our speakers are happy with us and our clients rate us with a 9 plus.



What does a Guest Speaker cost?

It is very difficult to tell you directly what the cost of a guest speaker is. This is due to several factors. Guest speakers have different budgets. Well-known guest speakers charge a different amount for their attendance than lesser-known guest speakers. Additionally, the cost depends on the size of the event, the location and the meeting. By contacting us we can tell you more about this!

Can I become a Guest Speaker?

Speakers Academy has been a specialist in hiring guest speakers for over 25 years. However, we are also continuously looking for new guest speakers. Do you think you are a suitable new guest speaker for Speakers Academy? Then we would like to challenge you to contact us! Who knows, you might be the new well-known guest speaker at Speakers Academy!