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Book Keynote Speakers with Speakers Academy

Are you organizing an event or a meeting and want to inform, inspire or motivate your audience in a special way? Then hiring a speaker or guest speaker is a valuable addition. It is becoming more and more common to book or hire keynote speakers. But what exactly is a keynote speaker? How is a keynote speaker different from a guest speaker and where can you book the best keynote speakers?

What is a keynote speaker?

Keynote speaker, what does it mean? What is the meaning of a keynote speaker? A keynote speaker is the central theme of an event or meeting, the main speaker if you will. The rest of the event or meeting is centered around that keynote speaker. At a meeting, networking event, conference or inspirational event, you want your audience to be attentive and engaged throughout the session.

The success of an event primarily depends on getting the audience to participate through effective and engaging keynote speeches. The last thing you want is someone standing on stage talking like a statue, just repeating words and doing nothing exciting to encourage audience interaction.

What are the characteristics of keynote speakers?

Keynote speakers can be considered as the main act or highlight of your event or meeting. The keynote speaker must interact with the audience, inspire and motivate them, and ultimately get them excited. They have the personality, charisma and confidence to elevate a talk or presentation to the next level.

The best keynote speakers have also perfected the art of storytelling. They know how to convey substantial information to their audience and combine it with the right dose of humor. André Kuipers, for example, is a keynote speaker who knows everything about being an astronaut and his stay in space, but who also talks about his experiences as an astronaut with a lot of humor.

Good keynote speakers are talked about long after the event.


Which keynote speaker? Speakers Academy is here to help!


Our consultants have known how to match the right motivational speaker to your meeting for over 25 years! We have access to the best speakers worldwide. So challenge us to find that one motivational speaker for your meeting and take your event to the next level! We are happy to talk to you!

Want to find out for yourself which keynote speakers are associated with Speakers Academy? Take a look at the different speaker categories. Speakers Academy works with the best keynote speakers on education, sustainability and diversity.




Why Speakers Academy?

At Speakers Academy, we are committed to helping organizations arrange meetings with the best speakers and moderators. We are good at arranging suitable and inspiring speakers that fit the occasion of the meeting, the topic and the target audience. We work worldwide and distinguish ourselves by the breadth of our range of expert speakers and the knowledge we have about our speakers. It’s no coincidence that we’ve been a household name in the Netherlands and far beyond our borders for 25 years.

Our speakers are happy with us and our clients rate us with a 9 plus.



What does a keynote speaker cost?

Unfortunately, we cannot give you a cost estimate in advance. The cost of booking or hiring one of our keynote speakers depends on several factors. Curious how the consultants of Speakers Academy work? We are happy to tell you openly and honestly how we work.

Can I become a keynote speaker at Speakers Academy?

We are always open to working with (inter)national keynote speakers. Do you think you could be that valuable addition to Speakers Academy’s speaker network? Then we challenge you to contact us!