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Bestselling Author & Authority on the Best Practices of Walmart & Sam Walton

Michael Bergdahl SPHR

Michael Bergdahl is a professional international business speaker, author and turnaround specialist. Bergdahl worked in Bentonville, Arkansas for Walmart, as the Director of “People” for...

Breakout Sessions,Keynote Speaker,Masterclass


Specialist Subjects

1. Sales
2. Customer Service
3. IT
4. Supply Chain/Logistics
5. Franchisees
6. Financial Services
7. Real Estate Developers,
8. Walmart, and the success secrets of Sam Walton
9. “Tactics of the Worlds Richest Man, Sam Walton”
10. “Strategies of Walmart, the Worlds Largest Company.”
11. “Bringing Out the Best in You”
12. High Expectations Are The Key To Everything.

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