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Mirrors of Justice: Culture, Power and the Making of History

dr. Kamari Maxine Clarke

Kamari Maxine Clarke (Ph.D., UC — Santa Cruz 1997) is an associate professor of anthropology at Yale University and research scientist at the Yale Law School. She also holds a courtesy appointment in the Department of African American Studies. Trained in Political Science — International ...

Keynote Speaker
Keynote Speaker,

Specialist Subjects

1.   Is this Justice? The International Criminal Court and its Challenges in Africa Questions of Crime
2.   Islam and Religious Politics in Northern Nigeria Crime and Cultural Difference Constitutionality in Question
3.   Religious and Legal Freedoms in the Americas Religious Revitalizations and the Problem with Marginality Race, Ethnicity, Religion
4.   The Challenges with Social Difference Race and Radical Politics in America Globalization and Racial Politics
5.   Globalization
6.   Transnationalism
7.   Modernity
8.   Rethinking Human Rights
9.   Contemporary Social Theory
10.   Religious Nationalism
11.   Race and Empire
12.   The Anthropology of Religion
13.   International (criminal) law
14.   Globalization and Social Change

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