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Expert on Wittgenstein and German and Jewish studies

prof. dr. Allan Janik

Allen Janik was born on Chicopee Massachusetts. He studied philosophy and classics at St Anselm College, received his M.A. in philosophy from Villanova University, where he began his studies in Wittgenstein's philosophy with a thesis on Schopenhauer and the early Wittgenstein, and was awarded a Ph. ...

Keynote Speaker,Workshop / Masterclass
Keynote Speaker,Workshop / Masterclass,

Specialist Subjects

1.   Mathematics
2.   Ion physics
3.   Comparative literature
4.   German studies
5.   Jewish studies
6.   Philosophy
7.   Philosophy and history of science philosophy
8.   Schopenhauer
9.   Wittgenstein
10.   Otto Weininger
11.   The Concept of Knowledge in Practical Philosophy
12.   Politics and the Future of Philosophy

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