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ir. Paul Bessems

Ir. Paul Bessems is an author, trainer, strategic advisor, entrepreneur, international speaker (co-)author of fifteen management books. He helps organizations with perspective change, future-driven leadership, sustainability strategies, data-driven organizing and collaboration in ecosystems.

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Specialist Subjects

1. CSRD and ChatGPT with data-driven organizing

Organizations are faced with more and more regulations (think of ESG and CSRD) in a tight labor market and IT systems that actually need to be retired. If you don’t want digital bureaucracy and want to use generative AI, you have to organize data-driven. But how do you do that?

2. Transformational leadership

Digital transformation is not the same as digitization. It requires a change in the shape of the organization. And you can only transform someone if you are transformed yourself. How do you recognize a transformational leader, how do you become one and what can you do with it?

3. Productivity improvement

Despite billions of investments in IT, management and development, productivity in offices is growing little or not at all. The idea that automation makes us more productive is incorrect. How is that possible and what can you do about it? How can you improve productivity for your organization and ecosystem?

4. Digital strategy & transformation

Developing a strategy for a sustainable, digital and decentralized future is not easy. What do you need to take into account, how do you develop a digital radar for turbulent times and how do you set up a transformation program that prepares you for a fundamentally different future?

5. Blockchain-based digital assembly line

A blockchain-based digital assembly line works within a business ecosystem and is an automated chain of decentralized databases and processors. The Internet of Things and blockchain create rich data that you can bring together with data logistics to generate an answer to a question via artificial intelligence, verify a claim or, for example, produce information from data. What the physical running ban has done in factories, the digital running ban will do in offices. But how do you set up such a digital assembly line?

6. Business ecosystems

More and more organizations want to collaborate smartly in communities or consortia. But how do you set up a business ecosystem and more importantly: how do you ensure that it continues to work? Paul Bessems has more than thirty years of experience in designing and developing business ecosystems. With the advent of the internet, blockchain and the digital assembly line, the need is only increasing. The reason is very simple: by working together smartly, you save tens of percent on your operational costs and improve the reach and quality of your product or service.

7. Data technologies

We will have to combine new organizational forms with disruptive data technologies such as: blockchain, internet of things and artificial intelligence. Together, these form the digital assembly line with rich data and data logistics. But applying new data technologies in old organizational forms will be counterproductive. How can you make optimal use of technology by combining it with new ways of organizing?

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