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Blind adventure seeker and speaker

Miles Hilton-Barber

Blind Adventurer and international motivational speaker Miles Hilton-Barber is one of the most widely sought-after motivational speakers on the world circuit today, having had the privilege of speaking at over 1,400 corporate events in 74 countries to date.

Keynote spreker
Keynote spreker,


1.   Dream big to achieve big
2.   Expect the Unexpected
3.   Never Give Up
4.   The Importance of Teamwork
5.   Don't let your Past Determine Your Future
6.   Facing your fears
7.   Taking advantage of adversity
8.   Benefiting from failure
9.   Leadership


Miles Hilton-Barber Speaker at Speakers Academy® - Blind Adventurer

Miles Hilton-Barber Speaker at Speakers Academy® - Blind Adventurer

Miles Hilton-Barber Speaker at Speakers Academy® - Blind Adventurer

Miles Hilton-Barber Speaker at Speakers Academy® - Blind Adventurer


Sue Copper, National Sales Manager

“I attended the Advantage Travel Centre group Conference in Sorrento. I have worked in the travel industry for over 20 yrs and have had the opportunity of listening to many different people but no ...

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Sue Copper, National Sales Manager van Seligo
Ranulph Fiennes

"I can't even imagine the difficulties of travelling in Polar Regions without being able to see things. I once was semi-blind in the Arctic and everything became doubly problematic. Total blindness ...

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Richard Thornley

“Miles is not only a global adventurer, he is also an entertaining presenter whose inspirational messages register with any culture. His witty stories, images and achievements captivated our group ...

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Richard van Rolls-Royce International
Jamie Ritchie

"I have to say that Miles was brilliant and an absolute inspiration to our audience, his balance of speaking and media was just right, using his adventure challenges in our Airbus business context ...

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Jamie van Airbus Geo-Intelligence
Alain Denizet Denizet

"I would like to thank you again for the outstanding speech you delivered during our Sanofi Intercontinental Region Leadership Kick off meeting here in Paris. People were delighted!At the end of the ...

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Alain Denizet van Sanofi Intercontinental Region Paris, France
Guy Baker

“Miles was sensational as the opening speaker at the Million Dollar Round Table conference in California and his presentation skills to some 9,000 delegates from 80 countries was captivating.

Guy van BTA Group
Peter O'Neill

“What can I say! I was reduced to tears and made to feel very humble by this gentleman. I have attended a lot of functions with guest speakers not one has taken a group of people on a rollercoaster ...

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Peter O'Neill van Ernst & Young LLP
Andrew Steet, Global Manager, Financial Audit (SI-IAF)

“Your presentation to our global conference at The Hague was outstanding!”

Andrew Steet, Global Manager, Financial Audit (SI-IAF) van Shell International
Boyko Vassilev

"Your appearance on my national Panorama TV show this night was spectacular and breathtaking. Viewers keep on sending regards, appreciations and standing ovation.You are miraculous!"

Boyko van BNT, Panorama

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