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Crowdfunding, venture finance, investments, entrepreneurship and innovation

Tom Vroemen

Deep in the financial crisis, entrepreneurs have regained control and start to finance themselves without using the usual tracks to do so. And they succeed! Slowly, networks start to get an impact on personal and business finance.As one of the pioneers in the Crowdfunding domain, Tom Vroemen sheds ...

Keynote Speaker,Panel
Keynote Speaker,Panel,

Specialist Subjects

1.   Crowdfunding
2.   Entrepreneurship


Lionel Slusny

We had the pleasure to have Mr. Tom Vroemen as a speaker for our yearly event on Crowdfunding in May 2011. The event attracted more then 30 high level finance professionals and crowdfunding platform ...

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Lionel Slusny from Loft Solutions France s.a.r.l

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