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Writer, anthropologist, investigative journalist and founder of Fearlessly Fearful †"The platform to become your Bravest Self"

Roanne van Voorst dr.

Roanne (Ph.D) is an international speaker, awarded author and social scientist.

Keynote Speaker
Keynote Speaker,

Specialist Subjects

1. An anthropology of the future.

Scientists and futurists predict that consuming meat and dairy will be banned or taboo in the near future.  Veganism is one of the last options we have to help humanity prevent climate change; it is also one of the fastest-growing social movements of the 21st century. Veganism is booming. But what will we eat, instead? What will we wear, do for a living, and how will we look back on our carnivorous history? Based on scientific research and dozens of interviews with futurists, trend watchers, lawyers, lobbyists, sociologists, historians, food experts, psychologists, inventors, vegan bodybuilders, influencers and farmers, Roanne outlines an anthropology of the future. She shows how norms, trends, and cultures in societies will rapidly change and introduces you to a post-cruelty future.

2. Overcoming fears; High-performance under stress; Reaching your Goals
  • Why courage is a learned trait
  • Courageous leadership in the office
  • Receive insider-tips from the world’s bravest people, including extreme athletes, Inuit hunters, refugees, humanitarians and soldiers working in war-zones
  • Do-it-at home: learn scientifically effective methods to overcome fear
  • Develop actionable strategies on how to stay calm and focused in dangerous or severely stressful conditions
3. Productivity; Stressfree working; Timemanagement
  • How to get more work done, in less time
  • Why time-management is nonsense
  • Dealing with overwhelm at work
  • Developing a healthy relationship with digital distractions
  • Understanding your personal high-performance work-cycle (and putting it into practice, immediately)
4. Creativity; Book writing; Finding inspiration
  • Boost your creativity x 10
  • Create, produce and make like a pro – even if you think you’re not creative
  • Why passion is for suckers, and inspiration is nonsense
  • 5 track-proven methods that will lift you up, when you’re down and out


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