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Entrepeneur | Technology expert | Keynote speaker

Randall van Poelvoorde BBA

Born into a home of entrepreneurs and engineers Randall breathes technology. His business savvy developed during his years as marketing manager of the financial disruptive company and his years as an entrepreneur and independent business consultant. His energy and drive reach into the ...

Keynote Speaker
Keynote Speaker,

Specialist Subjects

1.   Exponential technology and the impact on people
2.   Exponential technology and the impact on people
3.   Business and society; Technology develops faster than people think
4.   The consequences for healthcare, energy, finance and more
5.   A 21st century view on disruptive innovation
6.   From 10% to 10X
7.   Selfdisrupt or die!
8.   Innovation is not enough to serve 21st century customers
9.   A company needs to become 10X better or it will vanish

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