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Jaco Ottink

Jaco Ottink behoort tot één van de weinige mensen in de wereld die de Explorers Grand Slam (Seven Summits, plus de Noordpool en de Zuidpool) heeft voltooid.

Dagvoorzitter,Keynote spreker,Workshop / Masterclass
Dagvoorzitter,Keynote spreker,Workshop / Masterclass,


1.   Dare to Dream
2.   Mental Wellbeing
3.   Teambuilding
4.   Persistence, Focus, Stay in the course
5.   Preperation, the key to success
6.   Leadership & Ownership
7.   Ambition and Motivation




Klimmer Mount Everest wil nu naar poolcirkel

Klimmer Mount Everest wil nu naar poolcirkel

Jaco Ottink vertelt over zijn Zuidpoolexpeditie

Jaco Ottink vertelt over zijn Zuidpoolexpeditie

Blogs & publicaties

15 december 2022

Dare to Dream...

Durven dromen klinkt makkelijk, maar nemen we de tijd om na te denken over onze persoonlijke visie en als we dat doen, kunnen we dit dan vertalen...


''Due to his energetic and passionate way of speaking he easily managed to win the attention of the crowd and keep them interested, even long after the actual lectures.''

At the end of October, we had the pleasure of having 5 guest lectures done by Jaco. With these quest lectures we wanted to make sure that all our first and second year students (1.500) had the ...

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Iris van der Graaf van Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences
''Very inspiring and helped us to get our message across in an excellent manner.''

I wanted to thank you for your contribution to the 2016 Sales & Marketing Conference of Tarkett Australia. Your presentation ‘Planning for Success’ on the basis of your Seven Summit ...

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Ralph Jorissen van Tarkett Australia
''He is a very easy-going person and great to work with.''

Members and friends of the Netherlands – Polish Chamber of Commerce had the opportunity to listen to an incredibly inspiring presentation by Jaco Ottink during our monthly business drink meeting in ...

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Elro van den Burg van Polish Chamber of Commerce
''This courageous Dutchman has become an inspiring unit for change.''

Jaco Ottink, motivational speaker, conqueror of Mount Everest and the remaining six highest peaks of each continent came to our high school. Based on previous experience, both from 20 years of work ...

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Marta Piróg Riley van LXIII Lajos Kossuth High school
''She had never met a person who was able to communicate a story in such a powerful way.''

Dear Jaco, on behalf of the entire school I would like to say ‘thank you’! The students enjoyed your story and together with the teachers they started to define their own dreams after your ...

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Annemarie Tanis van Het Kompas, Stellendam Netherlands
''Very inspiring to hear about his dream and his (long) way to fulfill it.''

We invited Jaco as motivational speaker for the kickoff of the new business year. Very inspiring to hear about his dream and his (long) way to fulfill it. During the 1 hour presentation the audience ...

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Monique Gottgens Hesselink van AkzoNobel
''His motivational words will stay with us and teenagers for long!''

A famous Dutch climber, a full-time daddy, founder of Beyond Summits and an active member of Polish-Netherlands Chamber of Commerce, Jaco, finally managed to join us as a special guest during our ...

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Justyna Szachowicz Sempruch van Fundacja ?wiat Ludzkich (S)praw People Matter Foundation
''Throughout, students were engaged and appreciated Jaco’s approach to having them think creatively and practically, at the same time, about their future goals and dreams.''

We invited Jaco to be the keynote speaker for the American School of Warsaw bi-annual high school Career Fair. Our student body, along with quite a few parents and other professionals, were ...

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Tim Munnerlyn van American School of Warsaw
''He will leave the audience inspired and with a mission to find and or share their own dream.''

Inspiration comes for many of us after being exposed to someone with passion. That is exactly what 1000 Randstad employees experienced in 2018 when meeting Jaco Ottink. Randstad is implementing a new ...

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Jeroen Tiel van Randstad

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