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Communication scientist & positioning expert

Renate van Dijken

Renate van Dijken is a doctoral candidate in communication sciences and an expert in consumer psychology, positioning and business communication.

Consultancy,Keynote Speaker,Moderator,Presentations,Workshop / Masterclass
Consultancy,Keynote Speaker,Moderator,Presentations,Workshop / Masterclass,

Specialist Subjects

1.   Positioning according to the archetypes of Carl Gustav Jung
2.   Do the positioning checklist in 6 steps to a better brand experience
3.   From informing to influencing 7 ways to be effective with your message
4.   Activate and influence your team
5.   Business communication does not exist! Increase your influence in 5 steps!
6.   Behavioral psychology & communication


Ingunn Aursness

"Renate is a successful entrepreneur, creative, goal oriented and with a warm heart. She and her business partner has taken a great idea and turned it into a global successful business changing the ...

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Michael Bloxton

"Working with Renate has been a wonderful experience and continues to impress upon me the seemingly limitless capabilities she contains. With an open mind and heart it is a pleasure to be able to ...

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Michael from USA Cell Towers
Brandon Danerfield

“Renate deals with the real world ways to market your business. She opens your eyes to a wealth of ways to grow your business and value your target group. This is what really works.”

Brandon from manager of Sales-Xerox USA
Paulien Bats

"Renate is a joy to work with. She is very dedicated to the cause of making the perfect marketing plan and creating thourough advice for her clients. Her briefings are clear and perspicuous, and as a ...

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Paulien from MS Vereniging Nederland
Ben Kunst

“Everyone very much appreciated Renate’s presentation. She has a pleasant appearance, and is very friendly and professional. Her presentation was an excellent starting point for our International ...

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John C. Maxwell

“The Leadership Game has taken my Team of coaches, speakers, trainers and professionals to a whole new level of communication. Just one of Renate’s creative pieces. Her insight and results have ...

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John C. from New York Times Bestselling Author, Coach, Speaker, Leadership Expert

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