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Rebels Ondernemer | Dagvoorzitter en Spreker

Suyin Aerts

Oud topsporter Suyin Aerts is ondernemer met een freelance carrière als meertalige presentatrice en journaliste voor televisie en moderator van evenementen.

Dagvoorzitter,Keynote spreker,Online Talkshow,Presentatrice
Dagvoorzitter,Keynote spreker,Online Talkshow,Presentatrice,



I heard Suyin speak at least 3 languages fluently

“For Curiosity Forum we were looking for an MC that really grasped the spirit of the conference. Together with Suyin our goal was to challenge the point of view of our guests, to stimulate an open ...

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Kim Indeherberg van SAS Benelux
Suyin is professional, reliable and perfectly fluent in English and French.

“ Suyin has been the moderator of a High Level Conference on sport and healthy lifestyle organised by the European Commission. She has done an amazing job, bringing dynamism to the event. She is ...

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Nais Rigollet van European Commission
A priceless learning experience

“The collaboration with Suyin was a booster for the perception and the positioning of our brand in Belux, and a priceless learning experience for me on Public Representation and orchestration of ...

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Remi de Montgolfier, General Manager van Ericcson Belgium & Luxemburg
I would definitely recommend Suyin Aerts

“I would definitely recommend Suyin to whoever needs a master of ceremony and/or a debate moderator. She prepares well, understands quickly, delivers in time and is pleasant to work with.”

Eveline De Ridder van Whyte Corporate Affairs
Suyin Aerts is a person who makes impact in everything that she does

“Suyin has so many diverse skills that it's impossible to cover them all. Some highlights: excellent moderator, professional speaker and inspiring presenter, purpose driven entrepreneur, creative ...

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Omar Mohaut-Partner & Head of digital van Nova Reperta

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