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Nederlandse Zakenvrouw | SER Topvrouwen

Marguerite Soeteman-Reijnen

Marguerite Soeteman-Reijnen is een Nederlandse zakenvrouw, commissaris en toezichthouder. Ze is een expert op het gebied van gendergelijkheid, diversiteit en inclusie.

Dagvoorzitter,Discussieleider,Keynote spreker
Dagvoorzitter,Discussieleider,Keynote spreker,


1.   Diversiteit & Inclusie
2.   Gendergelijkheid
3.   Vrouwen aan de Top



Ik vond het een erg inspirerend verhaal

"Ik vond het een erg inspirerend verhaal dat je hield vanuit een meer organisatorische/corporate mindset. Ik hoop dat de les die na vandaag blijft hangen is dat diversiteit en inclusiviteit onderdeel ...

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Stella Letschert van Ministerie van Defensie
It was a huge success and most of the credit goes to you!

"My team and I want to thank you for sharing your knowledge, wisdom, time, experience and your story at the Rise and Lead Summit 2020! The Summit had 250 registered participants with 211 attendees ...

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Ebere Akadiri van Rise and Lead Women
We look forward to our continued association, building synergies and making a difference together.

"We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to you for gracing #WDC21 with your precious and insightful thoughts. Thank you for your valuable time. Kindly accept a token in the form of ...

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Neha Shah van MentorMyBoard
We got very positive feedback and reviews

"Thanks again for your contribution to DIA Prime Time. We got very positive feedback and reviews; in particular with regard to the high quality content and the TV Show format of each session. ...

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Roger Peverelli van DIA Prime Time
I really enjoyed the dialogue, and am so glad it was well received.

"Thank you so much for hosting and for all the great preparation. I really enjoyed the dialogue, and am so glad it was well received.  It would be great to engage further, and to meet someday when ...

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Sheila Patel van Goldman Sachs

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