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Peter Hinssen keynote speaker © Rob Clayton
Radical Innovation | Thechnology, Society & Business

Peter Hinssen

Peter Hinssen is a serial entrepreneur, adviser and keynote speaker on the topics of radical innovation, leadership and the impact of all things digital on society and business.

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Keynote spreker,


1. The Day After Tomorrow

Peter’s current topic is ‘The Day After Tomorrow’. Peter’s keynotes have the most impact when they are between 45-90 minutes, but Peter can deliver a compact version upon request. Peter tailors his presentation to your specific needs. The keynote can be delivered in English or in Dutch.

Peter Hinssen talks about an exponentially changing world and its consequences for organizations of Today. He speaks about those pioneers who managed to move (way) beyond Tomorrow-thinking in innovation and were able to change the course of entire industries.

Most of us focus on Today: on the meetings we will be having, the e-mails we will respond to, the price offers we need to send out while deadlines are breathing down or neck. And we should. Today is what pays our bills. We also think a lot about Tomorrow, about our future value and how our company will survive disruption. Tomorrow is what keeps us awake at night. But let’s face it, most of us don’t think (much) beyond that.

The truly great ones, the giants, those that dictate the market are the ones who dare to envision The Day After Tomorrow. Because that is where enormous amounts of long term value lie. The radical ideas, concepts, notions or inspiration that focus on The Day After Tomorrow are the ones that change entire companies, industries and even the world.



Brian Gillooly

"Peter Hinssen’s keynote presentation at the InformationWeek 500 Conference in September 2010 on ‘The New Normal’ was described to me by attendees as ‘mind-blowing,’ ‘game-changing,’ ...

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Brian Gillooly van InformationWeek Business Technology Network
Luc Missorten

“Peter Hinssen was the keynote speaker at our get-together, an event which we organise on a yearly basis. As wake-up call, Peter’s presentation could count! His futuristic views, ...

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Luc Missorten van Corelio
Michel Stuijt

“During an Equens event in the Cards and Payments market Peter gave a sparkling keynote presentation about The New Normal in Financial Markets - the true impact of the digital revolution. He gave ...

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Michel Stuijt van Equens SE
Henri Putseys

"Peter has given the "perfect" keynote talk about The New Normal at the ICT 2010 "Bridging the Gap" Conference in Brussels at the European Commission. Given the pace of evolution in technology and ...

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Henri Putseys van European Commission

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