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Electric guitar speaker | Writer | Singer-songwriter | Multi-instrumentalist

mr. Salva Rock

Salva Rock is a curious, creative mind, a true learnaholic, he’s always connecting the dots between new and old ideas finding inspiring ways. He's also a teacher of marketing.

Keynote spreker
Keynote spreker,


1.   Music Thinking 4 Business People
2.   Emotional Management and Design
3.   Transformation



You will not be disappointed! Rock on!

I have had the pleasure of working with Salva on two occasions and I am sure there will be more. We met totally by chance, and I am so glad we met. The collaboration has been truly excellent. His ...

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Terry Raghunath van Worldwide Business Development Manager Graphics Solutions Business HP Inc
This is what a Marketing Summit should be

“Yes… this is what a Marketing Summit should be… finally a Professor that is both. Creative and with a great understanding of what is lacking among academia: Fun!!!”

Roger Wang van President Marketing Institute of Singapore
A really unforgettable day

Music thinking 4 Business People”, a groundbreaking, inspirational and motivating formula! In addition, it has been a privilege to also have Salva as the conductor of our meeting. A really ...

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Raquel Mogollón van Human Resources Talent and People Development, Prysmian Group Spain
Enjoyed the conference while learning about emotions management

“An explosive mixture, two compounds: Rock and teamwork. Nearly 400 attendees enjoyed the conference while learning about emotions management. Can you think of a better mix? That is SalvaROCK”

Dr. Tary Gómez van Blanquerna
It was spectacular, SalvaROCK managed to be a true member of our team

It was spectacular. Music, illusion and emotions running high. SalvaROCK managed to be a true member of our team, adapting his talk to our values and company culture, involving the whole audience.

Marketing Team of Eurofirms Group
He has the ability to amaze those privileged

“He has the ability to amaze those privileged ones who attend his talks.”

Carolina Heredero van Prosegur
A great speaker

Creative, intelligent, a great speaker. Genius!!”

Cristina Goñi van People Development & Comunication, Grupo Sorolla
I hope we get the opportunity to work with him again

A wonderful performance at our company’s offsite. There were great insights for the team in his performance, and the stories he used really made them stick. I have heard a couple of them being used ...

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Vanesa Carceller van Jones Lang LaSalle S.A. Jones Lang LaSalle S.A.

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