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One Story of Resilience & Self-Leadership

Orianne Aymard

In a gripping and inspiring keynote address, Orianne Aymard shares her remarkable journey of resilience and determination. Her story unfolds as she walks the audience through the pivotal milestones that led her to the summits of Lhotse and Everest.

Keynote spreker
Keynote spreker,


1. Resilience in the Face of Adversity

-Strategies to maintain focus and drive when encountering personal and professional setbacks.

-Techniques for turning challenges into stepping stones for success.

2. Limitless Potential

-Understanding that self-imposed limits can be transcended with the right mindset.

-Recognizing the power of setting high goals and systematically working towards achieving them.

3. Crisis Management

-Practical methods for staying composed and making clear decisions under pressure.

-Insights on how to adapt and pivot when faced with unexpected crises.

4. The Art of Self-Transcendence

-Tools for personal growth that encourage pushing beyond comfort zones.

-Embracing continuous improvement and lifelong learning as a way of life.

5. Cultivating Self-Leadership

-The significance of self-awareness and self-motivation in driving personal and professional success.

-Implementing self-leadership practices to inspire and lead others by example.

6. Embracing the Journey

-The importance of valuing the journey towards a goal, not just the achievement of the goal itself.

-Learning to appreciate and learn from every step of the process.


7. Cultivating Grit

-Developing the tenacity to pursue long-term goals despite obstacles.

-Fostering a mindset that embraces hard work, persistence, and patience.

8. Mindfulness and Mental Health

-The role of mindfulness in maintaining mental and emotional well-being amid stress.

-Strategies for self-care that ensure sustainability in one’s career and personal life.


Orianne Aymard - Keynote Speaker

Orianne Aymard - Keynote Speaker

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