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Decision making tactics from a former RAID negotiator

Laurent Combalbert

Laurent Combalbert was for many years an officer of the RAID (Recherche, d’Assistance, d’Intervention et de Dissuasion). RAID is recognized as one of the best unites in the world, specializes in anti-terrorist activities and managing complex situations such as hostage taking, kidnappings, ...

Keynote spreker,Workshop / Masterclass
Keynote spreker,Workshop / Masterclass,


1.   Leadership in a crisis
2.   Leadership in complex situations
3.   Teambuilding
4.   Negotiation in complex situations
5.   How do you deal with missing information in negotiations
6.   Customer Relationship Management
7.   Decision-making
8.   The influence of communication
9.   Ethics
10.   Stress management
11.   Emotional management
12.   Crisis Management

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