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Leadership coach, speaker and author

prof.dr. John Sadowsky MBA BBA

John Sadowsky is a renowned leadership coach, speaker and author with more than 20 years of experience across five continents. John’s principal goal is to inspire individuals and groups to move their worlds.Synergizing the concepts of leadership and storytelling, John’s pioneering Sadowsky ...

Keynote spreker
Keynote spreker,


1.   Leading from the Inside Out
2.   The Power of Storytelling and How to use it
3.   How to Free Ourselves from the Myths of Leadership
4.   Telling your Brand Story
5.   Opening our Minds to Issues of Cross-Cultural Business & Management
6.   Finding your Authentic Leadership Voice
7.   Developing the Leader Within
8.   E-Marketing, Social Media and the Art of the Storytelling
9.   Synergizing Leadership and Branding


Pascal Marmier

"A masterful, big picture look at modern branding, full of insight, practical advice, and fascinating stories."

Pascal Marmier van Swiss Consul in Boston
Chris Combemale

"John’s remarkable coaching, and his innovative views on branding, leadership and storytelling, have helped me and my teams at several junctures in my career. I highly recommend his approach to any ...

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Chris Combemale van Executive Director of the UK Direct Marketing Association
Seth Kahan

"John Sadowsky has emerged as a voice with profound understanding of communication in the 21st century."

Seth Kahan van Author of Getting Change Right and Expert Blogger for Fast Company
Eric Leroyer

"John understands communication as well as anyone I have ever met. He has made a remarkable impact in our company, on the way we tell the story of ourselves, our company and our brand."

Eric Leroyer van former top Executive at Guidant Technologies and former CEO of Endosense

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