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Internationaal expert rond prestatiemanagement en High Performance Organizations

dr. André de Waal MBA

André is auteur, gast expert op de Erasmus Universiteit, Vrije Universiteit en Cranfield University (VK), bevlogen spreker, adviseur, academisch directeur van het HPO Center en expert op het gebied...

Keynote spreker,Workshop / Masterclass



1.  Leiderschap & Strategie
2.  Klantgerichtheid
3.  Management
4.  HRM
5.  Change Management
6.  Ondernemingsbestuur
7.  Succesvol Ondernemen
8.  High Performance Organizations
9.  Performance Management
10.  Topprestaties
11.  Kwaliteit van Management
12.  Prestatie verbeteren
13.  Excelleren
14.  Verbeteren


Kenneth A. Merchant

“This book is in the tradition of ‘In Search of Excellence’ and ‘Good to Great’ but with evidence and examples from across the globe. It contains a lot of wisdom, and it is written in an...

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Kenneth A. Merchantvan Deloitte & Touche LLP Chair of Accountancy Marshall School of Business, University of Southern Calif
Jonard Speijer

“Good to Great van Jim Collins was een aha-erlebnis. Het HPO-gedachtegoed van André gaat veel verder. Dat helpt organisaties echt om concrete stappen te maken.”

Jonard Speijervan voormalig Algemeen Directeur Dactylo
Mike Haffenden

“Much of the academic or consultancy work on improving organizational performance is based on unsubstantiated opinion and therefore, unsurprisingly, little benefit ensues. Andre’s approach is...

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Mike Haffendenvan MD Strategic Dimensions, Director of the Corporate Research Forum (CRF) and the Performance and Rewa
Carel Maasland

“Culture is very important at HPOs and the HPO research by André de Waal provides us with a tool for thinking in terms of the long run.”

Carel Maaslandvan former HR Strategist at IKEA International
Huw T. Owen

“I met Andre in 2007 when I was engaged in a major turnaround. The HPO methodology provided a perfect means of benchmarking where we were, telling us what good looked like, the things that we...

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Huw T. Owenvan President, BT Global Health
Henk W. Broeders

“The HPO Framework of André de Waal is based on solid scientific and practical research and its working has been tested at actual organizations. This makes De Waal's framework the first one to...

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Henk W. Broedersvan Corporate Vice President Capgemini S.A.
Peter Hartman

"André de Waal has done a wonderful job in researching high performance scientifically and then turning his findings into tangible ideas that managers can use immediately."

Peter Hartmanvan KLM Royal Dutch Airlines President and CEO
Manfred F. R. Kets de Vries

“The infamous American actress Mae West once said: “An ounce of performance is worth pounds of promises.” Finally, a book that goes beyond “promises” but gives greater clarity about the...

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Manfred F. R. Kets de Vriesvan Clinical Professor of Leadership and Organizational Change at INSEAD and The Raoul de Vitry d'Avauco
Mike Moroz

"We found the process to be incredibly valuable. Dr. de Waal’s definition of a High Performance Organization should be the world-wide standard.”

Mike Morozvan President Archway (USA)

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