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The Hope of a Billion

Akwasi Frimpong

Atleet, ondernemer en motiverende spreker. Olympisch skeleton atleet Akwasi Frimpong is een inspiratie voor miljoenen mensen over de hele wereld

Keynote spreker
Keynote spreker,


1.   How to become the Hope of a Billion
2.   De kracht in jezelf
3.   Winnaarsmentaliteit en attitude
4.   Doelen stellen: dare to dream
5.   Immigratie en multiculturele samenleving



"Akwasi ranked as the highest keynote we've ever hired"

"Akwasi Frimpong spoke to our national sales conference of over 200 sales leaders on March 7th, 2019 in Orem, UT. From the very beginning of the process all the way until after the presentation, ...

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Daniel Force van Marketing Director Clear Home
Be amazed by his epic personal story and his mission to be the hope of a billion

When you are looking for someone who is energetic, perseverant, resilient, but also possesses a huge dosage of talent, and is a sports fanatic, Akwasi Frimpong could be the right speaker for your ...

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Ashnie Bisalsingh van Corporate Responsibility KPMG
Thank you Akwasi for sharing some time with us!

As the keynote speaker at our conference of water professionals, Akwasi addressed the topic of Having the Courage, Power, and Determination to overcome Adversity.  Through sharing his unique ...

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David Pitcher van Intermountain Section AWWA
"He was one of the highlights of the evening"

"We are very proud to have Akwasi Frimpong as our global Athlete Ambassador. In this role he inspires our supporters and spreads the Power of Play message from within. Besides being a Right To Play ...

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Ilma Kramer van Communcation and marketing manager Right to Play
"Bijzonder vonden we ook dat Akwasi achteraf nog om feedback vroeg"

"Akwasi Frimpong heeft als keynote speaker op 7 mei 2018 tijdens het eindevenement van het vluchtelingenproject bij ProRail (hoofdkantoor in Utrecht) gesproken. De samenwerking met Akwasi verliep ...

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William Kastelein van ProRail

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