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Entrepreneur | Marketing | Branding

Eva van Zeeland

Eva has been a passionate entrepreneur for 15 years, has her own company since 2011 and she has a background in Wellness, Marketing and Orthomolecular Medicine....

Interviewer,Keynote Speaker,Panel


10 DAYS OF LIGHTNESS 🌟 JOIN US 18 t/m 28 januari 2021

10 DAYS OF LIGHTNESS 🌟 JOIN US 18 t/m 28 januari 2021


Marketing- and communicationtalent

“I am delighted that Eva is now using her obvious marketing and communication talent for a passion that we share, namely natural health. community can actually make their lifestyle more natural...

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Bolke Kosterfrom Vitals Voedingssupplementen
Her unbridled enthusiasm

"Eva is an entrepreneur through and through. She knows better than anyone how to exceed customer expectations. She always keeps in mind that health and vitality are the natural basis of her...

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Albert Sonneveltfrom Sonnevelt Opleidingen
Inexhaustible energy

"I got to know Eva as a very energetic, creative entrepreneur with almost inexhaustible energy who is very contagious. She understands better than anyone that the solutions to many health-related...

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Jan Lenferinkfrom Nutriphyt Nederland
Eva is a real power woman

"Eva is a real power woman, a woman of her word, great lifestyle coach and versatile entrepreneur. Everything Eva touches becomes gold, her ambition and enthusiasm are contagious. Eva is a real...

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Daniella Picusfrom Crown Equipment Corporation

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