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Investor and strategist

Jeroen Blokland

Jeroen Blokland is an investor at heart. He is the former head of Multi-Asset Investments at Robeco, founder of True Insights, and YouTuber. His passion also includes being able to talk to people directly about investing, sharing his knowledge, and actively helping others become betters investors.

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Specialist Subjects

1.   Start at the beginning: Why invest anyway?
2.   Do you get the difference between investing and gambling?
3.   Whereto from here? – A structured view on markets and asset classes
4.   How to build a solid investment portfolio
5.   Growing confidence – An investment framework is everything.
6.   Start ahead – Avoid the obvious mistakes.
7.   Don’t get carried away – Bitcoin as an investment?
8.   The power of repetition – History often rhymes.



I admired Jeroen as a grandmaster of data visualization and storytelling.

"When we organized a special CFA UK Society Webinar, “Inflation in the age of supply disruptions”, we invited Mr. Jeroen Blokland as a panel to peer Dr. Yardeni. He presented a variety of data ...

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Michio Suginoo from CFA Institute
As a confident and passionate speaker, he kept the audience engaged with his actionable insights.

"Jeroen Blokland was one of our key-note speakers at Pepperstone Talks London (June 2022). He delivered an insightful presentation discussing navigating market volatility and taking a top-down ...

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Stephanie Brosnan from Pepperstone Broker

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