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Architecte & Entrepreneur

Michal Ziso

Michal Ziso est un architecte visionnaire, entrepreneur, consultant en innovation et futuriste qui se concentre sur la conception centrée sur l'humain avec plus d'une décennie et demie d'expérience internationale dans la direction de projets innovants à grande échelle.

Langue de travail:
Type d'évènement:
Keynote speech
Type d'évènement:
Keynote speech,

Sujets traités

1. Image Self / Finding Your Competitive Edge

In today’s fiercely competitive industries, it’s crucial to stand out from the crowd by focusing on innovation and creativity. This inspiring talk, based on Michal’s TEDx talk at the International Space University, offers a glimpse into her journey of becoming a space architect, revealing the “a-ha” moments, the points of impact, and the importance of dreaming big while standing out.

2. Design Optimism / Space for Earth

As visionaries, we strive to create environments that reflect and respond to the needs of our fast-paced, ever-changing world, yet, we often find ourselves struggling to keep up. To bridge this gap we must gain a deeper understanding of our future.

In this talk we’ll embark on a trip at the speed of light to the vast outer space & back, where we’ll explore the unique challenges and opportunities of space to re:design optimism. As we lift off, you’ll be welcomed to space with a peek at a space architect’s journey and to the insights gained from exponential growth thinking in all gravitational conditions. In zero-gravity you will discover the most extreme environments, forcing us to reimagine everything, and by time we return to earth you’ll have gained a fresh perspective on our planet, new ideas for possible futures, and valuable insights into how space can be FOR earth.

3. Visioning The Future / Trend-Spotting

Space serves as a unique use-case for the intersection of two outcomes of recent global mega-trends – ‘Hyper’, characterized by heightened connectivity and digitalization including metaverse, blockchain, and AI, leading to unprecedented reliance on technology; and ‘Hypo’, reflecting the growing importance of sustainability and climate consciousness, leading to the development of local, closed-loop, off-grid systems. The fusion of these two trends in space is proving to be an invaluable tool for Earth.

4. Surviving to Thriving / Design in The New Space Era

As the space industry evolves and the focus shifts from mere survival in space to well-being and quality living, there is a growing need for new design and innovation initiatives. The challenge at hand is to approach these emerging needs in space architecture and bring the learnings back to Earth for the betterment of society.


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