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Inspiring speakers

You want to raise your meeting to an even higher level? Then you should invite a professional speaker to your event. Speakers Academy works with the best national as well as international speakers from over 69 countries, from personal development to digitalization and politics. Therefore, we can promise to find the most inspiring speakers for your event to guarantee an unforgettable experience.

Booking inspiring speakers


Looking for inspiring speakers about innovation, sustainability or leadership? The consultants at Speakers Academy always know how to match the most inspiring speaker from any field to your event. Whether it is a staff meeting, an important company presentation or a lecture, Speakers Academy will match inspiring speakers to your occasion! We work together with well-known speakers, scientists, sportsmen, directors, entrepreneurs, experts and experts by experience. Challenge us to find the inspiring speaker(s) for your event! 

Largest range of speakers 


Naturally, our consultants will be happy to arrange inspiring speakers for your event. However, we would also like to invite you to see for yourself what kind of speakers are associated with Speakers Academy. We work with thousands of speakers who will motivate and inform you about the hot topics. Perhaps you are looking for inspirational speakers or presenters who cover specific topics? Maybe there are too many speakers for you? Or you would like to get to know our agency? We will be happy to assist you!




Why Speakers Academy?

At Speakers Academy, we are committed to helping organizations arrange meetings with the best speakers and moderators. We are good at arranging suitable and inspiring speakers that fit the occasion of the meeting, the topic and the target audience. We work worldwide and distinguish ourselves by the breadth of our range of expert speakers and the knowledge we have about our speakers. It’s no coincidence that we’ve been a household name in the Netherlands and far beyond our borders for 25 years.

Our speakers are happy with us and our clients rate us with a 9 plus.