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Educational scientist and mythbuster

Pedro De Bruyckere

Mythbuster about education and reseacher and pedagogue in Gent. Pedro de Bruyckere has been studying young people's lives for several years and is a self-declared addict to popular culture.

Keynote Speaker,Presentations
Keynote Speaker,Presentations,


1.   What works in education (and why!)
2.   Myths about youth and media
3.   Myths about learning
4.   Authenticity in education
5.   Technology and education
6.   50 years of the culture of adolescents
7.   Adolescents & Culture

Blogs & Veröffentlichungen

16 Juni 2022

Science as detective work

Pedro de Bruyckere: "One of the first educational myths I ever investigated was the learning pyramid which states that when someone tells you...

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