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Cryptocurrency | Social Entrepreneurship | Technology

Tycho Onnasch

Tycho Onnasch is a tech entrepreneur and advising founders building companies in the cryptocurrency and decentralised finance sectors

Dagvoorzitter,Discussieleider,Keynote spreker
Dagvoorzitter,Discussieleider,Keynote spreker,


1.   Startups
2.   Economics
3.   Finance
4.   Cryptocurrency
5.   Social Entrepreneurship
6.   Technology
7.   Debating


"The event could not have happened without Tycho's effort, organisational skills and his experience with sparking engaging debate"

We organised an inspiring debate day at Erste Group. Our most talented employees debated the future of the bank together with our Board Members. The event could not have happened without Tycho's ...

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Andreas Treichl van Erste Group
"He put the speakers at ease and did a great job"

We brought Tycho in to host the plenary debate during our Financial Market Symposium. The topic was very technical in nature. He put the speakers at ease and did a great job.

Philippe Narval van European Forum Alpbach
"Tycho is a structured and engaging moderator"

Tycho is a structured and engaging moderator. We had a fantastic debate at our annual conference for Austrian CFOs and we'd love to have him at more of our conferences in the future.

Hannes Enthofer van Finance Trainer International

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