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Identity Fraud | Cyber Security

Maria Genova

Writer and journalist Maria Genova is a frequently requested speaker on privacy, identity fraud and computer security.

Keynote Speaker,Webinar
Keynote Speaker,Webinar,


1.   Why everyone is interesting to cybercriminals and how to prevent hacks and data breaches
2.   Cybercrime, social engineering and the dangers of cell phones
3.   Digital trends (tailored to the industry)
4. Big data en de Internet of Things

Big Data and the Internet of Things

5.   The 10 most bizarre and successful hacks of recent years (and how they could have been prevented)
6.   Identity fraud, the fastest growing form of crime
7.   AVG and cyber-awareness. How to make the privacy law a reality and what it delivers


Blogs & Veröffentlichungen

16 Juni 2022

Passion, humor and knowledge as a weapon against cybercrime

How do you make it clear to employees that even the best IT department in the world can't protect them if they use weak passwords or click on wrong...

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