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Editor-in-Chief WIRED UK

David Rowan

David Rowan is editor-in-chief of WIRED magazine’s UK edition, Conde Nast's award-winning technology-and-innovations magazine that stays ahead of the trends transforming our world. He travels...

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1.  How to survive and prosper in a world of exponential technologies
2.  What you can learn from the smartest people in Silicon Valley
3.  The internet of things, big data and artificial intelligence: why the rules of business just changed
4.  What gamification means for business advantage
5.  How to create a culture of innovation
6.  Ten technology megatrends you can't ignore
7.  What big data means for your business
8.  Technology megatrends that will transform the hospitality industry/ finance industry/ insurance industry/ travel industry/ media industry
9.  The opportunities of 3D printing and the new "maker" culture

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