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Founder van Spireaux

drs. ir. Tim van Koolwijk

Tim van Koolwijk kan boeiend vertellen over hoe een kleine hoeveelheid vloeibare verse spirulinapasta per dag al enorm veel essentiële voedingsstoffen oplevert. Goed nieuws voor alle mensen die...

Keynote spreker


Steven Boegborn

''When I saw Tim talking about traveling alone — or as I saw it, life — I was incredibly inspired. I watched the talk at home, and although not physically present at the talk, I was touched by...

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Stevenvan Copywriter at MediaMonks
Sander Eijenberg

''Tim gives a very inspiring and authentic presentation about his travels on the PCT. Using humor, colourful details and music to illustrate his experience it turned out to be a captivating en...

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Sandervan Co-founder & Creative director at IceMobile
Sandrine Huijgen

"Tim - or should I say Van Go - knows how to tell a good story. He throws you into the deep end and then takes you on his trail that is both beautiful and rich in emotions. He can share an experience ...

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Sandrinevan Co-owner & creative partner at CloudFactory
Diana Agudelo

''It’s my pleasure to recommend Tim Voors as speaker. Tim joined one of our internal meetings at and gave us a pretty complete view of his last trail in the USA. I thoroughly enjoyed...

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Dianavan Senior Marketing Manager at
Dinesh Sonak

"Tim performed at Club ADCN, the club for creativity in advertising and design, with an inspiring talk and exhibition about creative leadership, exploration, bravery and the beauty of life in nature, ...

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Dineshvan Managing Director at ADCN

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