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Coaching, Communicatie en Culturele Intelligentie

dr. Thomas Zweifel

Dr. Thomas D. Zweifel Ph.D. (1962) is CEO van de Swiss Consulting Group en hoogleraar Leiderschap aan de Universiteit van Columbia en de Sankt Gallen Business School. Sinds 1984 heeft hij wereldwijd...

Keynote spreker


1.  Fusies en overnamen
2.  Globalisering
3.  Cross-culturele betrekkingen
4.  Het internationale bedrijfsleven
5.  Doorbrekend leiderschap
6.  Ondernemerschap
7.  Empowerment
8.  Inspiratie
9.  Teambuilding
10.  Het stellen van doelen
11.  Motivatie


Orange County, CA

Quality of Content: 5.0. Quality of Delivery: 5.0. % Recommendation: 100.0 "Excellent tools." "Great presentation, interaction with members, and topics were outstanding."

Orange County, CAvan Vistage CEO Group 50
Animas, a Johnson & Johnson Company

"We accomplished more than I would have even expected. This is being seen by the senior leadership as having the potential to shape how all of Johnson & Johnson does business."

Animas, a Johnson & Johnson Companyvan Sandra Thompson, VP Human Resources
Business Institute, SUNY New Paltz

"Thanks, again, for the fantastic job you did presenting and interacting with the group yesterday at SUNY New Paltz. The feedback from the participants was very positive and each with whom I spoke...

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Business Institute, SUNY New Paltzvan A. Rief Kanan, Group Chair, Vistage International; Director
Northern New Jersey

Quality of Content: 4.4. Quality of Delivery: 4.2. % Recommendation: 100.0 "Good style engaging. Highly integrated management and leadership content." "Very direct and organized. Great...

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Northern New Jerseyvan Vistage, CEO Group 100
MOST Computers

"I cannot forget such an impressive guest speaker like you and some very special things of your lecture—especially the pyramid of global dialogue."

MOST Computersvan Mihail Mihailov, Managing Director
Northern NJ

Quality of Content: 5.0. Quality of Delivery: 4.5. % Recommendation: 100.0 "Utilized concepts he discussed. Good content."

Northern NJvan Vistage CEO Group 334
New York City, NY

Quality of Content: 4.7. Quality of Delivery: 4.8. % Recommendation: 100.0 "Thomas was quite articulate—presentation has a good flow—kept my interest throughout. Talking about different cultures ...

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New York City, NYvan Vistage CEO Group 377
Long Island, NY

Quality of Content: 4.2. Quality of Delivery: 4.0. % Recommendation: 100.0 "Very easy to listen to—I was able to fully relate to his topic and material."

Long Island, NYvan Vistage CEO Group 376
Philadelphia, PA

Quality of Content: 3.8. Quality of Delivery: 3.8. % Recommendation: 80.0 "Especially liked the interactive exercises." "Delivery—very personal; geared presentation to members. Excellent recall of ...

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Philadelphia, PAvan Vistage CEO Group 341

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