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Networking Speaker; Specialist Conference Moderator and Trained Therapist

Roy Sheppard

Roy is a visiting lecturer at Henley Business School's MBA course. Roy Sheppard is an acknowledged expert on all aspects of business and personal relationships. He is specialist conference moderator. And has just returned from Beijing where he moderated his third global summit for the Olympic ...

Keynote spreker
Keynote spreker,


1.   Meet, Greet and Prosper: Networking Know-how for Professionals
2.   "Emotional Core" for Business (the business case for healthy Self-Esteem, Attitude, Happiness and Kindness)
3.   "The 3 R's: Reputation, Relevance and Relationships"
4.   "How to Attract More Quality Clients Discreetly – Without Selling"
5.   Executive Presentation Coaching

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