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Presenter and Correspondent for global TV network Al Jazeera International

Elizabeth Filippouli

Elizabeth Filippouli works for the global TV network Al Jazeera International as a Presenter and Correspondent. She presents flagship Programs of the network, like Witness and People & Power and she works on her own stories and documentaries. One of her recent works was 'A King without a Country', ...

Keynote spreker,Presentatrice
Keynote spreker,Presentatrice,


1.   Media Training
2.   Crisis Management
3.   Negotiating and Shaping Change in the Information Age
4.   Muslims in Europe
5.   Islam
6.   The Greek society and way of life
7.   King Constantine of Greece
8.   The Oil war
9.   Euro vs Dollar: a power-struggle
10.   China's geostrategic role in the 21st Century
11.   The role of the International Media and the era of the New Media
12.   Turkey and the EU
13.   Do we want an expanded Europe?
14.   The indoctrination of suicide bombers
15.   The reality of Nuclear Weapons
16.   Libya: The road to disarmament
17.   Iraq: Earning big

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