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The coach of Olympic champions in business

dr. Vladimir Liubarov

Vladimir Liubarov is a highly experienced and successful entrepreneur, one of the most sought-after Russian-speaking business gurus. He has been successfully working in the sphere of consulting for over eight years and has achieved impressive results. Dr. Liubarov has been in charge of major ...

Consultancy,Keynote Speaker,Motivational Speaker,Workshop / Masterclass
Consultancy,Keynote Speaker,Motivational Speaker,Workshop / Masterclass,

Specialist Subjects

1.   Through the Crisis™ – business and company management at the time of the market crisis
2.   The system of resources supply MORE™ – the system of ensuring business growth in case of resources shortage
3.   The Boost of sales™ – the program of the effective increase of sales
4.   To fire the Boss™ – managing system, the system of effective release of the owners and Chief Executives
5.   Entrepreneurship
6.   Strategy and execution
7.   Corporate management
8.   Marketing and communication
9.   Sales and client management
10.   Strategic innovation
11.   Motivation and personal development
12.   Human resources management
13.   Directive skills and leadership
14.   Team work


Tatiana Selyukova, Representative

"In general, I have already met Vladimir Liubarov, and the trainings I have attended are very thought-provoking, they encourage further self-development. In fact, the goal of the training is ...

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Tatiana Selyukova, Representative from Hungarian company
Galina Reshetnyak, Chief Executive

"My company is engaged in the building of private wine cellars. Iattended the open meeting of Liubarov and Perciya with pleasure, and the objective I had set myself was sales increase in our ...

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Galina Reshetnyak, Chief Executive from GER&co
Vasiliy Volynets, President

"My company deals with the promotion of digital products on the educational market. I have come this open meeting in order to find the answers to my questions concerning the sales. I have certain ...

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Vasiliy Volynets, President from InMarket
Aleksei Metelskiy, Sales Manager

"For me the ultimate goal of the training is, first of all, to increase the sales of my company and to improve the skills in the sales sphere. It is hard to understand everything after the first day, ...

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Aleksei Metelskiy, Sales Manager from Premier Palaca Hotel
dr. I.S. Scherbina, President

"I met Vladimir Liubarov in 2004. My company was experiencing a difficult period of transition from a small family business to a large-scale structured company. One who has experienced it himself ...

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dr. I.S. Scherbina, President from SITES

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