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Expert on geopolitics and foresight Chairwoman of Lépac

Virginie Raisson-Victor

Virginie RAISSON-VICTOR graduated in History, International Relations and Geopolitics. She then became an analyst on international issues. Since 2008, she has run Lépac, a research lab dedicated to geopolitics and foresight studies, co-founded in 1992 with her husband, Jean-Christophe VICTOR. ...

Keynote Speaker
Keynote Speaker,

Specialist Subjects

1.   A state of the world to come: demography, environment, energy
2.   European Union
3.   West and Islamic world: perceptions and reality
4.   Near and middle east, strategic wills and negotiations
5.   The world in 2025
6.   Using maps to understand and decide
7.   United Nations fight for training and teaching, and against poverty: the 2015 objectives
8.   Demography, migrations, transports, water, energy, climate, representations gaps and civilisations clashes

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