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A Young and Bubbly Television Presenter & Awards Host

Torie Campbell

Victoria (Torie) can currently be seen on our screens presenting The Honda 4-Stroke Power Boat Championships which transmitted race weekends throughout the Spring/Summer 2007 on ITV4. A shorter version is transmitted during ITV1s Saturday Sports programming. She is also one of the regular ...

Facilitator,Interviewer / Talkshow-host,Moderator,Presenter
Facilitator,Interviewer / Talkshow-host,Moderator,Presenter,


Martin Sanders, Series Director

"The Honda Formula Four Stroke Powerboat Race events are unique occasions in the UK , built up over 8 years the excitement of affordable one design powerboat racing is not only on water but on land ...

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Martin Sanders, Series Director from Honda Formula 4 Stroke Powerboat Race Series
Ron Isles

"Torie is professional, gets on well with the competitors, is always on time, great to work with as nothing is too much trouble. She is prepared to do whatever work has to be one to complete the ...

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Ron Isles from Dream Team Television, Honda Formula 4 Stroke Off Shore Power Boat Championships

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