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Founder and CEO of FaberNovel

Stéphane Distinguin

After graduating from ESCP-EAP, Stéphane Distinguin joined Deloitte & Touche (1997), first in London within the High Technology group, then in Paris. In 1999, he co-funded Up&Up, an early stage venture capital firm. He so contributed to the development of start-ups focused on software edition or ...

Consultancy,Keynote Speaker
Consultancy,Keynote Speaker,

Specialist Subjects

1.   Digital innovation models in general
2.   Open innovation model and dynamics in general
3.   Google and "what would Google do" in your position?
4.   Building new approach and dynamics through innovation in your organization
5.   What will City 2.0 look like? What is the place of your company / your services in the city of the future

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