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Factfulness advisor

Peter ten Wolde

Peter ten Wolde is an inspirational speaker who shows his audience how to look at the world from a different perspective, implementing a high-energy approach, humour and candid observations.

Keynote Speaker,Keynote spreker
Keynote Speaker,Keynote spreker,

Specialist Subjects

1. Factfulness

Factfulness is a practical method for critical thinking which provides a positive mindset for the organisation of the future, delivering these benefits:

  • Increase the chance to correctly predict the future by obtaining a more nuanced view of the current reality.
  • Improve decision making by looking differently at data, assumptions and long-term trends.
  • Strengthen flexibility, collaboration and diversity in the organisation by encouraging diversified ideas and perspectives.
  • Enlarge the innovation and change capabilities of the organisation by thinking off the beaten path.

The Factfulness lecture looks deep into our worldview and explains how it is shaped according to our background, level and type of education, and the specific news sources we absorb. Consequently, our worldview is both distorted and outdated. The lecture covers these topics:

  • The mechanisms of pre-conceived ideas;
  • An alternative approach to these mechanisms;
  • How, in many respects, the world is in much better shape than we are often inclined to, or led to, believe.


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