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“The fastest way to bankruptcy is to satisfy all your customer's needs

drs. Paul Harts

Paul Harts, MSc studied Science in Public Administration and Data Processing at Twente University. After completing his Master of Science in Public Administration he worked with KPN. By deepening himself in data mining for marketing aims, he learned quickly how continuing assumptions cannot be ...

Consultancy,Keynote Speaker,Workshop / Masterclass
Consultancy,Keynote Speaker,Workshop / Masterclass,

Specialist Subjects

1.   Custom care
2.   Customer contact
3.   Contact centre
4.   Call centre
5.   Call centres: Why are they inevitable, and how do you manage it?
6.   The relation between quality and time of calls and e-mails
7.   Legal aspects of quality monitoring
8.   Quality assurance in contact centres
9.   CRM: Why does 50% fail and can I save my investment?
10.   Event based CRM: How do I relate CRM with the perspective of my customers?

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